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  • 黑珐琅
    The design of the Enamel Yuhu Spring 3.0 is inspired by the ancient Chinese Yuhu Spring Vase. Renowned as a symbol of beauty, the Yuhu Spring Vase is considered one of the "Three Treasures of Vases," tracing back to the Tang Dynasty. 
  • KLOISONNE employs high-temperature enamel techniques, combined with its distinctive Triline logo, to create unique textures and vibrant colors.
The Yuhu Spring 2.2 collection ingeniously transforms agate, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, jade, and other natural materials into vases, which are then nested within another Yuhu Spring Vase. This design seamlessly integrates traditional elegance with modern luxury, exuding a unique artistic charm. The nested vase, also known as a water purification vase, boasts a simple yet elegant design with a small mouth and rounded body, symbolizing both inner purity and outer harmony. It carries profound cultural connotations, representing the pursuit of purifying the mind and the environment.