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Environmental Sustainability:
KLOISONNE is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using natural mineral powder for pigments and recycled copper for decoration copper thread. By prioritizing sustainability in its manufacturing practices, KLOISONNE seeks to minimize its carbon footprint and promote eco-friendliness in the industry. The collaboration between craftsmen and designers ensures that each craft-making procedure is as sustainable as possible.

Social Sustainability:
KLOISONNE aims to promote social sustainability by providing employment opportunities to a diverse group of individuals, regardless of their gender, age, physical quality, and other restrictions. KLOISONNE's goal is to break down urban-rural, regional, and industrial segmentation, identity, and gender discrimination. By safeguarding workers' equal employment rights, social equity, and justice, KLOISONNE is committed to promoting sustainable development in society.

Preservation of Ancient Heritage:
KLOISONNE is named after Cloisonne, a traditional Chinese handicraft with a history dating back several centuries. KLOISONNE's enamelware craftsmen make durable enamel by firing powdered minerals. In an age where this ancient technique is gradually fading, KLOISONNE is committed to preserving this heritage of craftsmanship. KLOISONNE trains young artisans by providing guidance from existing artisans. KLOISONNE's apprentices include both male and female individuals from the countryside, deaf individuals, and students who are passionate about this handicraft.